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I'm 19 years old, I love music, movies, food, and this blog hopefully shows that. I excited for what the future holds....and I hope this blog made someone smile today.
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this guy said “bye” to me and I told him “you too” and I have literally spent the past four hours debating whether or not that was socially acceptable

"Bye" is an abbreviation of "goodbye" which was a contraction of "God be with ye" to which it would be appropriate/grammatically logical to respond "You too" so yeah you’re fine

well then that’s one less thing to be embarrassed about

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"If you’re going through hell, keep going."

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Taylor Lautner shirtless & wet in a towel on BBC Three’s Cuckoo


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TW AU: Lydia and Stiles as a famous youtube couple. Lydia is a beauty guru and Stiles a gamer.

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I’m really lucky, cause I’ve found what I like to do really young. But that’s like, fairly rare..So, I would say, if you are lucky enough to figure that out ,just don’t hold back. Don’t  be afraid to make mistakes and stuff.

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